Tuesday, March 31, 2009

surprise oh sURpRiSeD!!!!

since yesterday i had received a lot of packages from the LABUAN... hmmm dunno why, since then he never told me about that packages!! so surprised!! knock...knock, my door was knock by man who i absolutely dunno who he is... "miss roshamida?? i got a package for you.. plzz write ur name and ic number here" wow... so big... a package was given to me by NATIONWIDE man... lalalalala
i open it then i found a biggg teddy bear inside, sudah 20 taun tp masih diberi teddy bear... hahahaha
today, april fool... once again my door at lumayan apartment was knocked.. one more package, now its t'shirt.. hmmm ape pon, thanks ya dear... miss u so much...

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